Modular furniture is great when you don’t have a lot of room in your house or apartment. You can take a couch apart and turn it into two loveseats or have it conform to a particular corner in your living room. Having the ability to do what you want with your furniture allows you to play designer while ensuring that you have enough seating in a room regardless of its shape.

Although this type of furniture is more expensive than traditional furniture, it is trendy and fashionable these days. Your friends and other visitors are going to love walking into your living room or den and seeing the awesome couch or sectional that you have created.

Many retailers and online retailers offer long-term financing to help you pay for the loveseat or couch that you have just purchased. If you have good credit, you may have up to four years to pay for a purchase of as little as $1,000. You may also be able to return the furniture if there are any defects that you didn’t notice when you bought it or if it doesn’t fit in your room for any reason. Retailers may also offer a lifetime warranty on the furniture to help put your mind at ease when making the purchase.


Shopping for home decor can be a lot of fun for women as well as men. Online shops that sell fine household decorations can be purchased at affordable prices with free shipping on minimum orders. Animal themed decorations are perhaps some of the most popular additions to the interior design of any home. Small crystal animal figurines are luxurious in appearance. The crystal material is transparent and cut precisely to offer beautiful optical effects such as dispersion of light. In fact, some crystal animal figures can bend light and create a rainbow effect featuring an entire spectrum prism. Crystal figures of animals include diverse designs such as domestic pets and wild exotic species such as tigers and elephants. is an example of an online shop that sells designer crystal decorations of animal figurines.

There are plenty of other lavish household decorative items that can be purchased directly online. For example, crystal vases are very popular choices for decorative purposes in dining rooms and living rooms. Precise cuts are applied to give flower vases sensual curves and shapes. The transparent crystal and glass materials fit in well with contemporary themes that have sleek furniture. Additionally, tapered vases with extreme geometry are also great additions to modern interior settings.

Decorative lighting fixtures for the home include chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants and table shade lamps. All of the lights can be fitted with modern bulbs that provide the right type of illumination for the living room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen areas.


UrbanEars Humlan Headphone

January 28, 2014

in gadgets

It was very timely that this UrbanEars Humlan Headphone came last week just when I needed a headphone for my new laptop. It was sent by Oya from Bad Idea as a gift for the New Year. … Thanks Oya! Cheers to a Yummy 2014!

I fell in love with it the first time I saw it because of the color. It says coral but it’s almost peach! Perfect for moi!

This Humlan headphone isĀ  a brand new concept from UrbanEars. The headband and the ear cushions can be removed and thrown in the wash with your clothes. It has an angled speaker that is really prefect with your ears and delivers clear and precise sound.

Since this belongs to the UrbanEars family, it comes with ZoundPlug for instant music sharing. I should buy sis one of these. I wonder if this is as affordable as the affordable furman 1215 ?

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2014 is MY Year of Change: I am Claiming 2014

January 13, 2014
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Happy New Year! This is my first blog post in this blog for 2014. Like all my first blog post of the year in this blog, I check what’s instore for me in the coming year.But before we go into that let me just say that being a Work at Home Mom did work so […]

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This Acer Aspire E1-472G

December 28, 2013
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I don’t think you can call this post a gadget review. I’m just showing off the replacement of my Toshiba with a broken screen. Remember my broken laptop? The cracks became black spots and those black spots spread like disease until I couldn’t see anything. In addition, the Globe Tattoo connection at home (formerly “the […]

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Wrapping Christmas Presents

December 6, 2013
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Are you done wrapping your Christmas presents? I’m just about done with mine. I’ve already wrapped most of the gifts that I bought for my nephews, nieces and godchildren. Those that are for my cousins and older relatives were just bought recently and I still haven’t had the chance to sit down and wrap them. […]

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Christmas List

December 1, 2013

Have you made your Christmas list yet? It’s gonna be December tomorrow and it’s going to be a busy month! I’ve made my Christmas List in the middle of November and I’m almost done Christmas shopping. Some of the gifts are already wrapped. I’m still thinking about gifts for special people like this cousin who […]

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